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Church News

Together We Will Campaign Magazine

BUILDING A BIGGER, BETTER, BRIGHTER FUTURE Dear ORAC Family & Friends: Since its inception in 1982, the Oneness Rehoboth Apostolic Church has continued to emerge from very humble beginnings to a place of prominence due to constant growth and development. We have experienced the blessings of the Lord in such a miraculous way so much so, that we have had to relocate this congregation three times within the past forty one years. From a small group of thirty saints who…

2024 Family Devotional – It Will Be Worth It All

SUMMARY Bishop A. Thomas, calls on every child of God, every family as well as each member of the community, both young and old to a time of prayer, consecration and bible studies as you seek God for direction for your lives. At the end of this season of prayer, you will hopefully hear from God and become confident as you take the next step in building a strong prayer life that is full of faith, hope and virtue.

Glow Times Magazine

Virtual Sunday School We are all familiar with online games, online shopping, online banking, and even online courses, but over the past few months, our lives have been changed with weekly online Sunday School attendance. The Landscape of our Sunday School classes has changed; where there was once a chalk or a white board there is now a virtual screen. We attend class from different locations, using different devices, but we come together on one screen.