2020 Family Devotional

2020 Family Devotional


It is God’s intention for you to grow in faith and 2 Peter 1 gives you a clear description on how to accomplish just that. In the 2020 Devotional, Spiritual Warfare – Positioned for Victory , the writers delve further into how to identify that you are indeed in a Spiritual Battle and how to use the tools/weapons that God has given to us to fight and win this battle for our souls and not give in to the plans and plots of the adversary. They further incorporate ways which you can apply relevant tools to ensure that you grow as well as to build a healthy Christian life. In this edition you will see why It is important for you to flourish as individuals and collectively as a church.

Pastor A Thomas, Senior Pastor, calls on every child of God, every family as well as each member of the community, both young and old to a time of prayer, consecration and bible studies as you seek God for direction for your lives.

At the end of this season of prayer, you will hopefully hear from God and become confident as you take the next step in building a strong prayer life that is full of faith, hope and virtue.

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